Saturday, December 05, 2020

COVID Christmas (part 9)

It's not over yet! MORE MORE MORE covid-themed Christmas songs. More posts HERE, follow our playlist HERE.

This guy from Greece fiddled with his sampler, put on his best crooner voice and changed "White Christmas" into a weird, Matt Bomarr-friendly electronic dance track:

Deep down in his emo-mindset, YEARS found a way to write this gloomy track:

This parody was inevitable:

Takin'no risks, do Christmas via Zoom. Sounds a bit like The Beautiful South, which is nice:

This song is a collab between two Canadian bands. Don't be fooled by thet title, it's not a parody (tho Mariah does get a nod). Fine downtempo electronica:

Tropical funky spiritual singing about the lockdown. Yes, it's a thing:

Glitter Moneyyy is a strong-languaged rap duo that take 'Santa Baby' and turn in into a plea for a vaccine, so they can be a 'dirty slut' again