Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Stubby's Stocking Stuffers

The mighty Stubby, he of the House of Christmas, the one who's an example (a demi-god, really) to us all when it comes to collecting & promoting the bestest Christmas music, Martin for friends, THAT maestro, he made a new Christmas mix. Two cd's stuffed with the songs we couldn't find, the ones that come to only him. On his blog he writes that the site will be gone later this year, that's just like saying that...I can't think of an analogy that quite fits here. Let's just pray it don't happen. And let's all download the Stocking Stuffer's, mmkay? HERE.
If you're somehow unconvinced, here's a handful of hits on this year's compilation.
This is the track Phil Spector forgot to write:
This is just great:
Quality Americana: