Friday, December 11, 2020

Creature Comfort

OK, I know I promised I wouldn't post any more covid-themed Christmas songs here, instead I'd add 'm to this (tenth) post. But come on, this 'Fleet Foxes for people who grew up bailing hay' as Creature Comfort call themaselves, that is just TOO GOOD to just add to a long list. (That said, in that list are pretty good songs). Creature Comfort draw from their Tennesse roots to make alt. countryrock with blue eyed soul, harmonies and (to my ears) an indie Britpop influences - listen to this song for instance. But back to the Christmas song, with lyrics like 'The news is looking pretty bad/I miss the laughter of my dad/The weatherman says that it ‘aint gonna snow/But I’ve got you/Under the mistletoe'. Its what we all long for, no?

Not the first time CC did a Christmas song, by the way, a quite sunny version of 'Sleigh Ride':