Sunday, December 20, 2020

Veluwsch Kerst Collektiev 2020, Dutch Vandals

'Young hearts run free, they'll never be hung up, hung up from the tree.' That sounds like quite an excellent motto for this boisterous Christmas album of Veluwsch Kerst Collektiev. It's going all directions, musically wise. From punky tracks (STORT IN), singer songwriter (Ver Vlogen), to electropop (Draad Kwijt) and Spinvis references (De Moraal) and certainly has surprisingly strong tracks in store for us.
The real Christmas feeling is at least 2000 miles away, the sleighbells in the studio were apparently lost, although a church bell can be heard every now and then. But lyrically it's quite good and entertaining. From fast food Christmas dinners, obligatory Christmas programs on TV and even an adaptation of Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol (A Christmas Carol in Proza). All in Dutch.
Veluwsch Kerst Collektiev is a collab from all kind of young musicians from the middle east of The Netherlands.

Check their complete 2020 album here. We missed out on Veluwsch Kerst Collektiev last two years, so here's edition 2019 and edition 2018

How 'bout some more Dutch Christmas? This is Olax from The Hague, covering (in Dutch) that classic Vandals punk xmas track 'Hang myself from the tree'.

There's a video too, which has an age limiti (not because it's NSFW, ok well you can see Olax's bellybutton, but I guess because of the theme)
Certainly not the first time a Dutch artist covers The Vandals, this is from the (in Holland) legendary Zo Dit Is Kerstmis cd (1998), Excelsior Recordings-artist Caesar (in English):