Sunday, December 20, 2020

It’s Sooo Different

Berend Dubbe, a Dutch multi instrumentalist musician also known as Bauer and former drummer of indie heroes Bettie Serveert, is doing shows at Mixcloud since a few months which go under the name of 'It’s Sooo Different'. They're real fun to listen to. Diverse, surprising, sometimes banal and funny, but always chosen with care and with a beautifully framed story.
This time he thought it would be time for a Christmas episode. Part one, mind you.
So there's even more Sooo Different Christmas to come!

An old (1998) instrumental Christmas track from Berend, Sola Festa Nativitatis Christi:

And also check this Christmas oldie (1998) from Bettie Serveert, River (which actually is a cover from Joni Mitchell):