Saturday, December 05, 2020

Cuttin' Up X-Mas

 Sound sampling, cut up, mash up or collage is a music genre on it's own. It does not know many Xmas tracks. The 'remake' from 'Last Christmas' (2008) by V/VM is notorious one:

More accesable is the work of collage artist People Like Us (Vicki Bennett from England). She uses a lot of old known Christmas songs:

Casta calls himself a beatmaker. He comes from Portland, USA. He isn't so radical as the above two. He uses Christmas samples for his seasonal Christmas mixtapes. His 2020 version is called 'The 12 Beats Of Christmas' and it really sounds funky and soulful. Lot's of hip hop samples too. Sometimes Christmas is hardly recognisable, but in a few tracks you can trace back the original. In the instrumental  'Kersfeest' (if it was a Dutch word it needs to be 'Kerstfeest') you have to really think what sample it is. But in 'Ukhisimusi' it reveals itself in the second part, 'A Wonderful Chrsitmas Time'. So there are a lot of nice christmassy things to discover here.