Saturday, December 26, 2020

December 26

Three years ago I made a big post on Boxing Day tracks, yesterday I did one on December 25-songs. So why not find more songs about December 26th?
From this year, Micah Edwards does a soulful number on the day he does not like: 'One double two six/I can wait for you/No matter what I do/I'll wake up feeling blue'
Same vibe, but as a Tom Waits-ian piano ballad:
The song you could write when not everything you took on Christmas day is out of your bloodstream:
Pastoral ballad by a guy who didn't get a Lexus or diamonds, so he's glad Christmas is over:
Same vibe, but as a very happy folk singalong: 'I wish I could just sleep until December 26th, lalalala!'
Paul Dickinson talks in his sleep. Since 1986, he has documented this phenomenon with the aid of voice-activated recorders. The 'album' contains 99 'hits', everything he said is in a 12-page transcript. Fascinating? Odd, for sure:
Power pop about Christmas and not wanna fight tonight:
The Pissed Alpacas made 12 albums this year consisting of song that last about 40 seconds, about every day of 2020. On a punk beat. I kid you not. Calender core, anyone?
ZUT is a French brass-rockband, this ode to December 26 is sung by Didier Wampa of French rock band Les Wampas:
And of course, this classic