Monday, December 14, 2020

Christmas is cancelled

'sfar as I know, Christmas isn't cancelled, it's going to be...different. But let's look at ten songs proclaiming the cancellation of Christmas. And start with the greatest song ever about the nixing of xmas. This one, by Long Blondes, from 2005:

Via our festive friends over at Joyzine you can download a free WAV-file of this fantastic song (thanks Stubby)

Here's a loud, messy cover of the Long Blondes song, on this year's Polaroid Christmas compilation:

Long Blondes is a long-defunct band. The Nostalgics probably too. They released this Amy Winehouse-ish soul song in 2011 about, you guessed it:

Reggae star Macka B, twenty (!) years ago, about the commercialisation of Christmas:

From 2012, very lo-fi, but a good song:

2019, from a compilation I seem to have missed, but this is a cool indie-power pop, nice harmonies:

Also from 2019, faux crooning, the death of Santa caused the cancelletion:

I love the name Young Haircut. This is alt. folk with a saxophone, after a few drinks (2017):

Happy pop punk from Hungary (2017);

Also punk, less poppy, by Vice Squad (from 2013:)


Stubby said...

FYI, by request and with the permission of Dorian Cox (guitarist and songwriter), The Long Blondes' "Christmas Is Cancelled" is once again available as a free download via the Joyzine Advent Calendar. It's a respectable WAV file, too.