Sunday, December 06, 2020

Vista Blue

Guestpost time again. Mr @T55 on xmas rawk:

Vista Blue does it again. The Vista Blue's, known for their Ramones punk with Beach Boys background vocals, are enormous Christmas fans. Last year they made an EP featuring a song called ‘I Want New Ramones Songs (For Christmas)’. The year before that they did an entire album: ‘The Christmas Collection, vol. 1’. And in 2015 they released ‘Radiant Radish Christmas: 2010​-​2015’, a compilation of the cassettes they made with songs recorded by their friends.
This year they not only recorded a brand-new Christmas single called ‘Nobody Told Me It Was Christmas’ b/w ‘I Don't Wanna Go Anywhere This Christmas’, they also started a new band dedicated to playing Christmas music, Ralphie's Red Ryders and recorded an atypical Christmas album ‘You'll Shoot Your Eye Out’. Lovely stuff if you’re into punkrock. Tunes that make you bang your head and pogo around the Christmas tree.