Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Holiday Songs to Remember/Forget

Here's a cliché for ya: Xmas compilations tend to be a mixed bag. But most of the time you'll find gems by obscure bands that are lift up your xmas mix. Take 'Holiday Songs to Remember/Forget', a 36 song long compilation from the Holy Crap Community. I've listened to all songs, and a few stick out. Let me share those with you:

It's like a more friendly version of a Cramps-song, great chorus. Not that spooky, but highly effective. Great kick off.

NYC's The Rizzos channel the spirit of Darlene Love (or, more recent, Nicole Atkins) through a song about disappointment. Bank account's empty, that Santa that had you once on his lap is now a drunk, and there's no snow. But hey, you can still write a good song about that.

Something less loud, but very sweet. I love those ultra-feminine vocals. If this song was a sweater, you'd only wash it by hand.
EDIT 2021: Interesting tidbit, this song by Day & Dream is also on a 2009 compilation, but then the band was called Sugarspun. [Thanks Daniel]

Rule of the thumb when it comes to overflowing Christmas compilations, always check out the songs with the great titles and bandnames. This one really sticks out. The drummer might not be the most steady one of this lot, but the full frontal lyrics and It's full frontal, and damn sexy.