Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Pom Poms

This FANTASTIC track by neo-rockabilly duo Pom Poms just popped up on a Christmas compilation with just covers (McCartney, Sufjan Stevens, Lennon).'Christmas Postcard' sounds like a 50s standard, sung by, say, Timi Yuro or Peggy Lee or even Brenda Lee. I googled myself silly, couldn't find the original. And then it turns out (at the bottom of the Bandcamp-page) this is AN ORIGINAL SONG! Wowzers. What a treasure.
EDIT 2021: And then the song and the compilation disappeared from Bandcamp. And now the song reappears on Spotify:
More of Pom Poms (= vocalist/songwriter Marlene Gold, pictured, and producer Billy Mohler) HERE