Friday, December 11, 2020

Paul Cook, Holly Henderson, JulMat

Let's round up a few very recent, fun Christmas songs. Take Paul Cook, he 'aint got time for Christmas' but he did have time to write a very Babybird-ish, slightly dejected song with a piercing organ and some thick strings:

Slighty dejected xmas tunes is Paul's thing, 'cause this one he wrote in 2013, with again an organ (less piercing):

'Femmenist, gardener, bard, bardener', as UK's Holly Henderson's twitterbio states, made a Beatlesque, psych-folk track with touches of Sandy Denny:

From Holly's Bandcamp-page: 'I just sang about my loneliness, my hope for Christmas being a rare, happy moment to cling onto, however it comes - and my hopes for next year being better and reuniting with the people I’ve been missing so badly. It’s a tune for that. I hope it rings an internal jingle bell for whoever hears it.' We do now, Holly.

Not Britsh, but from Sweden is this highly charming track by Julia & Matilda (JulMat, geddit?), with lovely details. Thematically, I could post this in one of my COVID-Christmas lists, but I won't. It's just too sweet.