Friday, December 04, 2020

Nicole Atkins

Nicole Atkins, maker of magnificent masterpieces like this one, made a Christmas single! And it r-o-c-k-s, it's an upbeat version of one of the gems on JD McPhersons classic 'Socks!' Christmas album (if you don't know this album, what the F are you doing here?!). Nicole writes: 'A couple years ago I had this idea for a Christmas song chorus that reminded me of Brenda Lee and Ronnie Ronette called “Every Single Christmas.” My good friend JD McPherson, finished the song and included it on his now iconic 50’s style holiday record, “Socks.” Since then, I’ve always kept hearing it in my head as a fast and wild Christmas punk song…like Cyndi Lauper and Brenda Lee, the spirit of the NY Dolls and the Ramone’s “Palisades Park” all rolled up into a National Lampoon’s Christmas movie.'
Here are both versions:


Stubby said...

Much as I love JD's album (how could you not?), I find myself much preferring Nicole's version of "Every Single Christmas". Punk Rock Brenda Lee! Had there been Punk Rock Brenda Lee when I was growing up, I think I'd be better adjusted.

Guuzbourg said...