Saturday, December 12, 2020

Metronomicon Audio Christmas

Whilst scanning Bandcamp for interesting, remarkable Christmas music I stumbled on Micronomicon Audio, an Oslo (Norway) based label (community, they say) that just released it's 11th (!) Christmas music compilation. Had not heard of the label, the compilations (couldn't find any reviews on other xmas blogs, maybe looked the wrong way?) or any of the artists on the label. My guess is that some bands really do exist, whilst 'Chill Collins meets Bitter Gabriel downstairs' is a pseudonym, a special name for a one-off project. I haven't heard all songs on all compilations, but generally speaking, most of the time it's real songs (in English, Swedish or Norwegian) plus odd instrumentals or drones.
There might be more, here are a handful songs that caught my ear:

This track by Onslow is on the latest offering, a charming early 90s sounding jingle-jangle indie tune, with sweet vocals:

Kicking off with a Christmas quote by Donald Trump, then the guitars kick in for a joyous, multivoiced rock track:

Center of the Universe tops every Xmas compilation, and this electronic, atmospherically a bit like The Whitest Boy Alive, ditty from the 2012 compilation is a keeper:

From 2014, and I guess the same singer as Center of the Universe, this is an 9 minute moodswing with orchestral parts, guitar workouts and BELLS. I think this is the Xmas Bohemian Rhapsody of Micronomicon Audio.

Santa is a punkrocker, but this is not a punk rock song (but with guitars, no worries):

No this is not a cover of this John Hyatt song. Skin Sofa did make this equally fun song on the first MA-compilation.

By the way, I only spotted 7 (not 11) Christmas compilations on the MA-Bandcamp, not sure what I'm missing here.


Stubby said...

I don't recall EVER coming across them, myself (and I search Bandcamp pretty hard for interesting freebies). But the Onslow track is a winner. And I'm also quite fond of the track by Firefly Effect. Good catch!

Guuzbourg said...

Well that is saying a lot, that you had not heard of MA before. Might be they just put up everything on BC