Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Death Hags and other females

OK, so a few quickies before it's really Christmas. Lola Jean (or Lola G.) = Death Hags, 'instellar psychedelic noise pop' from L.A. (by way of France, or Quebec, I don't know, I do know that Lola can speak French, maybe she picked it up at school, we'll never know). She made a, yes, noisey Christmas album, with very strong songs. Including a Roger Miller cover (will add that one HERE). If Melody's Echo Chamber or Moodoid ring a bell, DH swims the same pond. This one's the killer track:
In French, which I love:
PET Wife is a NYC based duo that, for this very catchy song, got inspired by the Wall of Sound/60s girl groups, but check out the more electronic, sexy music they usually make. Ask sounds carefree but that's deceptive - read the lyrics on the Bandcamp page. PW are very involved in the queer/trans scene. The couple's romance began 'as a creative tête-á-tête sending playlists, poems, and art back and forth, ultimately culminating in a multi disciplinary concept project incorporating elements of fashion and performance art along a musical journey.' Dive in HERE.
A very sweet, very hopeful song by Maiah warmed my heart and cheeks:
Also sweet sounding, but a bit darker in lyrics is this 'waiting in vain' track by Little Cloud:
And how 'bout this song? We had dog-themed Christmas songs before (this one, this one), so it's not that rare, but the ukelele (I guess) making that woof-noise is kinda great: