Wednesday, December 23, 2020

90s Christmas

When you google on 90s Christmas music, you're likely to find playlists with boybands like 'NSync, R&B heroines like Destiny's Child and TLC, and of course Mariah, Christina and Britney. The alternative to that was less prominent. There were Christmas compilations like the (very good) Happy Birthday Baby Jesus volumes, Just Say Noel (most famous for Beck's Little Drummachine Boy track) and 1991's Yuletunes. There were more, but not many more. And of course, the Fountains of Wayne tracks, the Red Kross single, this Harvey Danger track.
I fell into a nineties xmas rabbithole on internet when I suddenly found out (it says so on the Bandcamp page, so it wasn't a big revelation) that Melkbelly's Hating You For Christmas from the recent Father/Daughter compilation is a cover of a 1997 Everclear song.

Then (I can't recall how I got there) I heard the Sun 60 song Mary Xmess, from 1993. Still a brilliant, really fresh song. Love the vocals by Joan Jones. It's got Jack Irons (then RHCP) and Dave Navarro (then Jane's Addiction) on drums and guitars. What a song.
But wait, it's gets even better. From Boston, 1996, Fuzzy. Vocals: Hilken Mancini. Very much in the loud-quiet-vibe of the era (Pumpkins, Pixies, etc). Very depressing lyrics too, of course.
Less loud, but also very good, is this 1991 song by The Accelerators from Raleigh, North Carolina. Produced by Don Dixon and Mitch Easter, big names at the time, but the band didn't became a household name. Still, there's this:
I also reconnected with this song by Juliana Hatfield. From 1994, for the series My So-Called Life, breakthrough of Clare Danes. The song has no reference to Christmas, snow is mentioned and every Christmas enthusiast will recognise the melodic nods to Silent Night and O Come All Ye Faithful. I read that she was inspired by Joni Mitchell's River.