Friday, December 11, 2020

The 52 Bestest Christmas Songs of 2020 (on Spotify)

Making that list, checking it more dan twice. From a list of over 250 songs (this one), HERE's a selection of what I think are the bestest new Christmas songs, no covers, released in 2020. On Spotify, so that means that John Patrick Elliott, Thom Stone, Pom Poms, Grace Eden and this compilation are NOT in this list. EDIT: Pom Poms ARE in the list! Yay!
And yes, there's at least one song in this playlist that was released earlier, but not available on Spotify and COME ON, you need an upbeat song like 'Gimme Christmas' by Prima Donnas this year. Yes you do.

Most, not all, songs were featured here. I want to lift out three 'new' ones. The floating 'Christmas at Sea' by Sara Noelle, an L.A. based songwriter. The ethereal song, that really has a flow in it, is in the vein of girl in red (also in this playlist), Billie Eilish, that dark, electronic vibe but if yer as old as I am, you hear some 4AD-atmosphere as well. Very sweet song.
Also not featured here are Tow'rs, from Arizona, the band with couple Gretta and Kyle Miller. Also delicate, more country, more Cowboy Junkies. They have a full album out, which is (if you dig the slight psychedelic country vibe) great.

The most non-English Christmas album of the year was made by Iiris Viljanen, a Finnish singer/composer, who not only had a gorgeous cover for her En Finsk Jul . It's jazzy, classical, there are pop-ballads that sound (don't let this put you off) like they were taken from a Sound of Music-like movie. If it's different, alternative, OTHER Christmas music you want, this is for you.