Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Dutch Christmas

I wonder if 'Dutch Christmas' feels like 'Dutch Courage' or 'Going Dutch' for all ye non-Dutchies out there, but what we mean right here is 'Christmas songs by Dutch artists'. We already posted some, and will post more. This is a recent compilation of what came out, usually with a mainstream pop feel.
Marcel Kapteijn, best known as singer of Ten Sharp, is a Christmas enthusiast. He released several Xmas singles and EPs. This year,'Christmas is in the Air' sounds (and looks) like music for a winter fashion photo shoot. Easily listenable:
Christon used to be the singer of a band too (this one), nowadays he's mostly a song (co-)writer. The very gentile Snowed In is like a Coldplay song without Coldplay:
Speaking of Coldplay, Celine Cairo (yes, Dutch) covered it in a dreamwave-y way:
Lots of nice accents in this sweet original by Eindhoven-based Aidan & The Wild :
Danny Vera is a big name in Holland, because of this immensely popular song. He's heavily influenced by Elvis, Orbison and the like, and wrote this Bing Crosby-namechecking song about his daughter being born at Christmas: Going for that classic 40s Christmas ballad vibe, with trumpeteer Ruud Breuls, is Leonie Meijer:
Rocker Ross Curry (formerly of Spo Dee O Dee, who's debut is still great) is going for that Tom Petty vibe. Love how he sings about 'christmos':
Guitar slinger/bluesman Wouter Planteijd made this cool Christmas fantasy about St Peter:


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Cool! Thanks! Knew about Marcel, but surely would have missed the rest.