Saturday, November 19, 2022

California Christmas (1)

There are A LOT of songs about spending Christmas time in the Californian sun. Recently, Dutch singer-songwriter Judy Blank added her Beach Boys-inspired track to the big pond o' Cali Xmas songs. And while diving for pearls on Bandcamp, I found this fun track by Death By Railroad, released on Jan 1, 2022:

So I thought, let's find more Californian Christmas songs, as a theme for this year.
This stormer can't be left out. Still a solid track (from 2019):
The fun part of finding songs for a themed post is that you bump into actual pearls like this fuzz-drenched song by Lakes (from 2014):
From 2015, and a staple on this blog: Dutch collective How To Throw A Christmas Party:
This is a common emotion in most Cali Christmas songs: we try to make it Christmassy but the weather isn't helping: We’ll chop down our Christmas Tree/Even though it’s eighty-three degrees outside. From 2008:

Upbeat sunny punky song from 2018:
Good ole boys country: