Saturday, November 26, 2022


Hugo van de Poel, best known here on this blog as the mighty Stippenlift, is to Christmas season what a lost glove is to your hands: one stays snug and warm, the other must endure the weather (read: life) mercilessly. The synthesized music by Stippenlift feels cold, his voice is the bright, comforting heating system.
And that is also the case in this new seasonal track, as good as earlier offerings. Stippenlift promises to stay with you this month, what could be the last December, 'want nu het Kerst is, is het gevoel zo echt' ('The feeling's real whilst it's Christmas'). Doom and gloom, exactly the ingredients we need from Stippenlift.

Stippenlift has his own Xmas Spectacular in Paradiso Amsterdam, on December 23.