Monday, November 21, 2022

Low and behold

The recent passing of Mimi Parker makes a list of Just Like Christmas covers more poignant. The song is the most posted song here, because there are many, MANY covers. And, tbh, we just can't get enough of it.
So, here are a bunch of recent versions, like this silky smooth cover (EDIT: this version was released earlier, and also featured on this blog, when Housewife were called Moscow Apartment)
Welsh version:

Powerpop version:
Chaotic but fun cover:
Like it was in Stranger Things:
But, lest not forget, on the 'Christmas' EP by Low were more fine seasonal songs. That were covered as well. Wrote about those earlier on the blog too, here's a fresh bunch of versions:

Sweet, shy version of Taking Down the Tree:
Long Way Around the Sea with a slight goth-folk vibe:
Same song, also folksy but with more electronics:
Posted this one before, but Beau Jennings singing Long Way Around the Sea still is a treat: