Thursday, November 17, 2022

Sad christmas, counting crows

 23 year old singer-songwriter Charlie Hickey does not seem to be so happy this time of the year. For him december lasts too long, even if you live in Los Angeles, like him.  'A Long December' is his first Xmas song. It has a country feeling and sounds hardly christmassy. One of those songs you have to listen a couple of times, before you get it. 

But a lot of you will recognize the song. It's a cover of a Counting Crows song, from their second album 'Recovering The Satellites'. In december 1996 it was released as a single in the USA and a year later it came out in the UK. " Lead singer Adam Duritz was inspired to write the track after his friend was hit by a car, making the song about reflecting on tragedy with a positive disposition" (Wiki)