Friday, November 11, 2022

Father christmas

 In 1977 the English pop band The Kinks surprised the world with their punky Christmas song 'Father Christmas'. 45 years later it has turned into a real classic yuletide song, that gets new covers every year. Always with these classic punk lyrics:

"Father Christmas, give us some money We'll beat you up if you make us annoyed"

Last year, just a couple of days before Christmas (that's why we missed it) Dutch easy tune outfit Arling & Cameron released their 'Father Christmas' version on Youtube. It doesn't have anything to do with punk, but it's a jolly, uptempo song.

This year Riverboat Gamblers from Austin, Texas do a great and noisy rock-punk version, that isn't too far away from the original. They even copied the original 7 inch sleeve, from the Dutch single pressing.

The Riverboat Gamblers version is available in two different mixes, digital and on vinyl, in four different colours.