Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Scaly Dave

I'm stealing this from the Washington Post, an op-ed piece on Thanksgiving Songs:

Every store and every street,
Every reindeer that you meet,
Thanksgiving takes a clear back seat.
But why? There’s pies! They’re delicious!

This rousing protest anthem about the fact that it is not Christmas yet sadly never charted or entered the popular memory, because it was released the same year as Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” But it has retained a cult following among those who are annoyed that we give Turkey Day short shrift.
This was supposed to be the single for Scaly Dave’s “This Is Not a Christmas Album,” but record executives were confused by the concept of an album that was not a Christmas album but also wasn’t a regular album. The remaining 11 songs, all of which were about how much Scaly Dave hated Christmas music and the whole Christmas season, did not help. When the record executives suggested that, technically, it was kind of a Christmas album, just a negative one, Scaly Dave went to a mountain and locked himself inside.
In 2005, Constantine Maroulis performed “It’s Not Christmas Yet!” on “American Idol.”

Of course, it's a joke. There is no Scaly Dave, all the songs for the piece get proper credits at the end, writer Alexandra Petri is in on the joke. She wrote a hilarious (if dead wrong) list of 100 best Christmas songs too.