Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Orchestre Tropicana - Jwaye Nowe!

Orchestre Tropicana from Haiti, a national institution, have produced more than 50 years worth of music in Haitian creole and French. Luckily for the yuletide crowd, they’ve also released at least five Christmas songs that will warm up your playlist.

Much like other French-speaking countries, Haitians celebrate the ‘réveillon’, which is eating a feast after midnight mass on December 24th, which continues early Christmas Day. Generally, Christmas Day is about taking it easy and letting the kids play with their toys.

Chantons La Noël from 2010 (‘Let’s sing about Christmas’), welcomes Jesus into the world.

Bonne Année (2010)(‘Happy New Year’), wishes Happy New Year family and friends.

24 Décembre (2022)(‘December 24th) sings about Father Christmas bringing gifts. This live version is very much about Orchestre Tropicana’s fun performance.

Vive Noël (1975)(‘Long live Christmas’) is about celebrating Christmas with singing and dancing.

Nwèl La Rive (197?)(‘Christmas is coming’) tells it like it is: 'Whether it's hot, whether it's cold, every country is celebrating’.