Thursday, December 23, 2021

Just Like Christmas some more

Every now and then, I look for new cover versions of Low's indie classic Just Like Christmas, from their Christmas album. There are many, some bad, some good, some totally bonkers, and a lot are really, really interesting. Today I found an ode to the song:

In addition to this post, this post and this post, here are more fresh finds (far from complete, I must add, check the other posts and on Soundcloud):

Fun, almost sunny version:
Very fine pop version:
From Italy, slowed down and again, more sunny than wintery:
You haven't heard JLC like this, I guarantee it:
8-bit electronics:
Fierce rawk'n roll:
Can't be slower than this one:
LOVE this slow burning, sultry version:
If The Cure would be the backing band:
Also pop, also good:
Like a northern soul version:
Dance, dance, dance to the radio!
Sultry version, from 2022, to raise monen for Alan & Mimi's favorite charity:
And in case you're wondering; yes, other songs from Low's Christmas album were covered to. Just a handful examples, this is a beautiful version of Long Way Around the Sea by Greanvine, a fine version of Taking Down the Tree by Small Signals, If You Were Born today by Olivia Mori and One Special Gift by Pale Shade.


twitchels said...

Thanks for listening
I also made a song for Ode to Just Like Christmas:


twitchels said...

Oops…I made a VIDEO!!! Not song.

Guuzbourg said...

I will put the video in the post, thanks!