Sunday, December 19, 2021

Holiday Songs in B-Flat

The Holy Crap staff asked a bunch of artists to write a Christmas song, with two rules: 1. it must be in the key of B-Flat. And 2. Use an unusual instrument. That resulted in an 18 song compilation, with songs using "corrugated tube, broken keyboard, granjo, 1980s Yamaha digital guitar, Star Trek sound effects, wood block, wooden frog, accordion, house keys in a plastic flower pot, human belly/human butt", and a lot more.
Did that result in good songs, you ask? Well, a few. The punkrock of Das Kapitan and Cardboard Box Colony's nice. I wish Aimee Jacob Oliver had slightly better recording equipment for her rockin' shoutalong song. A Montreal Paul sounds like Beach Boys after an all night drinkin' session (it's also the one using house keys in a plastic flower pot).
But the song that really stucks out is this fun, upbeat track (thinks Fountains of Wayne) by Carpal Tullar (pictured). Using a charango, it's a track about following Santa to his home in a volcano, where...well, you have to listen to the song to find out what happens:

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