Sunday, December 12, 2021

Drunken Christmas (3/4)

Although I'm not drinking alcohol for over three years now (it's great, I tell ya), I just cannot get enough of posting alcohol + Christmas themed songs. This is part 3, earlier parts HERE and HERE. There's a Spotify playlist too, HERE.

Let's kick off with a janglin' party anthem:
Then let's punk it up:
One Santa walks in a bar:
More drinking with Santa, punkrock style:
'I only one wish for the bearded guy/Get this bar another round of Christmas Whiskey Rye':
Superband Minus 5 weighing in:
A Christmas thought? Hm. Gimme a shot of whiskey first (GREAT song this):
Same band, more upbeat, still sad:
Erasing you with whiskey
Loud, fast, drunk: