Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Christmas Aguilera cover Fay Lovsky

The plan was this: for the 15th season of Christmas A Go Go we'd ask several artists to cover, or be inspired by, the only real Dutch Christmas pop classic: Christmas Was a Friend of Mine by Fay Lovsky (see above) from 1981. She was challenged to write a Christmas song by VPRO Radio host (and documentary maker) Bram van Splunteren. If the plan went well, we'd put the covers on Bandcamp, press it on vinyl, it would be great. But then, I had some health issues (and financial issues), and the plan was shelved (not deleted, or canceled).
So when Christmas Aguilera offered to cover any Christmas classic for a good cause (homeless people in the UK), I jumped at the opportunity.
So here it is, a REALLY REALLY great version of CWAFOM by one of the greatest Christmas music duo's out there. Enjoy!

There have been more CWAFOM covers. This ambient version for instance, focussing on the choir:
Dutch pop duo Nick & Simon with a close rendition:

From this year, by a Dutch duo, with a nod to the pandemic:
Fay herself, for a TV show:
Fay singing in French:
Very cool guitar only version:
Short teaser for a choir:
Another choir (there are more choir versions on YT)
Very close to the original version too:
Dutch rock school students & teachers:
VERY cool buskin' version:


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Guuz! I've listened to the Xmas Aguilera "Friend of Mine" a million times already. It's genius! Nicely played!