Friday, December 03, 2021

Clean Pete ft. Robin Kester

So if there only was one more thing we were looking forward to this end of year, it probably was this years Christmas single from blog favorites Clean Pete. And the wait has been rewarded, because today they unleash their new single on us and manage to move us with an arrangement of the 16th century traditional 'Coventry Carol', which they transformed into the delicate 'Slaap Diep, Slaap Zacht' for this occasion. For that, the twin sisters have enlisted the help of Robin Kester, who released this beautiful Christmas track 'Small Christmas Tree' last year. Robin Kester, making records on Holland's finest indie label At Ease, is blessed with a voice as enchanting as our favorite Christmas angels, so what could possibly go wrong? Well, nothing.
The song is subdued, but rich with softly ringing and fanning guitars, and hushed by the moody cello and mesmerizing tambourine. Renée, Loes and Robins voices blend wonderfully together, as if Robin is the third long-lost sister.
And so Nimma's Angels are effortlessly expanded into triplets this year. Isn't that a real Christmas treat or what?! And because it's the second year in a row that the (in)famous Clean Pete Christmas show has sadly been canceled, we'll enjoy this treat more than ever.

Insta over there. Photo: Sanja Marusic Photography