Sunday, December 26, 2021

Thank God It's Not Christmas

When I was re-listening to old(er) songs posted on this blog, I checked the Parenthetical Girls' Christmas album was still as great as I remembered. It was. What I did not remember, was their great Sparks-cover. 'Thank God It's Not Christmas' (1974) is, covered or in the original version, a Christmas song if there ever was one, it had the nostalgia, the longing, even the (mimicking of) bells.
There are more covers, most of them really, really great. So post-Christmas, it's a good theme, no?

Let's start with that Parenthetical Girls version:
On this extensive Sparks tribute album, there are two TGINC-covers, but this slow burning version is the best:
From 2011, with those semi-detached indie-rock vocals that were the thing back then:
Analogue synth-fun!
Highly charming acoustic version:
Sound quality is sh*t, but the energy's great! Not sure if the second song is a cover too, or an original. Would LOVE to hear it in better quality.
Another acoustic version. Look at the guy, how can I NOT post this?


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