Sunday, December 26, 2021


If you need a Christmas album to chill out to, look no further than Eilandnet's The Soothing Christmas Album. Title says it all, it's blinking lights/analogue synths/Vangelis-like tapestries from keyboards. Arguing family members, complaints about Christmas dinner, end of the year depressions...they all just faaaaaaade away. Eilandnet = recurring CAGG-phenomenon Stippenlift. If you need more recommendation.
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Santajan said...

I accept that Christmas (part 1 & 2) is now officially over. Merry afterparty everybody,
next year nieuwe kansen. All I want for Christmas 2022 is The Sleigh Shakers on Paradiso main stage, non food shops open for book and record shopping, a fair and open society. All I want removed for next Christmas is Mark Rutte, Geert Wilders and politicians called Thierry. All Thierries should be deported to France anyway. As should sherries. And gooseberries. Oh my God, I feel a new Xmas single boiling up!!!