Monday, December 13, 2021

Drunken Christmas (4/4)

Even more songs mixing xmas with alcohol, part of a series (see HERE, HERE, and HERE). Spotify playlist HERE:

Drinking with Santa blues, 'cause Mrs Claus ran off:
So great, so sad:
I ain't drunk, I'm just...drinking
Probably the bestest title in this series:
Feisty, fierce, drunk:
Looks like we done a little boozin':
Keep the sweaters, I'll have a 40oz
From last year, Dutch courage on Christmas:
And then there's always a punk rock song:
And a few more for the road: thanks to readers, these two songs should definitely be added to the list:
Drunk, sad, fantastic:
This is a classic that I missed:


Jos van den Berg said...

Deze mag ik ook altijd graag horen: