Saturday, December 11, 2021

Drunken Christmas (1/4)

As said below, there are many themes in Christmas music: Christmas in Space, Christmas and Sex, anti-Christmas, Christmas on a surfboard. And there's Christmas and booze. Drunk at Christmas certainly is a theme. For many, it might be the only way to survive the holiday season. So, why not do a series of alcohol-infused xmas songs?
The easy way would be posting Please Daddy Don't Get Drunk This Christmas by either John Denver or Decemberists, but let's take a deeper look:

Drunk duetting:
Drunk crooning:
Drunk singalong folk:
'Santa leave me nothing but alone', so yeah:
Santa sure can drink too:
Booze'n blues:
More booze! More blues!
From the writer of 'Pabst Blue Christmas' now comes:
This starts with drunkeness, and gets violent later on this EP:
For tears in your beer during Christmas dinner:
Three more parts coming up. Spotify playlist HERE


Richard said...

Then there's "Christmas in Jail" by The Youngsters:

and "Santa Got a DWI" by Sherwin Linton:

Guuzbourg said...

Good ones!