Monday, December 20, 2021

More Short Notes

The 2011 song 'So Sad Santa' by UK duo The Girl with the Replaceable Head turned up again on Bandcamp. Back in the day we compared it to a Phil Spector production, and there are also traces of Kirstie MacColl. GREAT track, a classic:

Then I thought, Sad Santa, that's a great theme. There are more songs with a similar title, but none as good as this one. If Courtney Barnett or beabadoobee are your thing, do try this:
2021 song. It's pure pop playing the heart strings, and really I can't believe this isn't a cover, but it's gddmn great:
Small Signals from Rochester, NY made a seasonal EP with mostly covers (Denver, Low, Flaming Lips) and a few originals. This power pop opening track about not getting in the Christmas spirit is one heck of a kick off:
You read about this track by Wake Up & Smell the Sun over at Christmas Underground, and you probably loved this stormer just like us. If not, try again:
The KKK took my baby away, the Ramones once sang. And now, it turns out: