Monday, December 20, 2021

Christmas Eve Can Kill You (versions)

Christmas Eve Can Kill You is one of the saddest Christmas songs ever written. The guy responisble, Dennis Linde, also wrote the complete opposite of that song, Burning Love (for Elvis). He also wrote the funky 'I've Got a Feeling in My Body', also recorded by The King.
Christmas Eve Can Kill You was first recorded by The Everly Brothers, brilliantly.

The song's about a man, walking alone in snowy streets. Not sure where he's going, it's around Christmas time. He wants to hitch a ride, to his family, but he can't get one. The line 'I think of years ago and half remembered Christmas trees/and faces that still warm me with their glow', makes it unsure if the man really has a place to go. Because, really, he's 'trying to hitch a ride to anywhere'.

There are many versions, none as great as the Everly's, but still solid. Here's an incomplete list:
Glorious, widescreen production version:
Live, a tad understated, yet very good:
Minimal, lo-fi and charming:
Great duo-version, Bonnie & Dawn also made the bestest Everly Brothers tribute album ever:
Electronica enhanced, with fx on the vox:
Also electronic, this sounds like it was sung in a cathedral:
Inna Bruce Springsteen-y stylee:

Fine version by this Norwegian singer:
Intense, intimate version:
Kitschy, yet compelling country version with lots of reverb:
Can't NOT include this one: