Thursday, December 30, 2021

New Year

Just before we change the calenders, here are a few fairly recent songs about (a) new year. More posts about new year's (eve) songs, HERE and HERE.
This was spotted (of course) by Jim @Christmas Underground, a probably the bestest January 1 song of recent years. With the right amount of melancholy, nostalgia en promises made to be broken. Released this summer, mind you:
Released in July 2019, also heavy on the melancholy stocked with great lines. Musically it leans on the mid-90s guitar sound of Belly and Juliana Hatfield:
Spanish post-rock, about starting over, leaving Madrid and taking one last stroll:
A song about writing a song for the new year:
'Together we'll ring in the new year' by Motion City Soundtrack (from 2005) is, like The Zombies' 'This Will Be Our Year' a staple when it comes to new years songs. There are many covers of the MCS-song on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Most are dull. I found this all girls-version quite nice.