Friday, December 29, 2017

Sylvester Songs (part 2)

More songs about the turn of the year, with BIG THANKS to every one who tweeted suggestions. Together, it's 31 tracks.

Love Axe is trio who made a Holiday album called Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas, which is funny. This song is sweet and amusing:

Dutch FIRED UP folk!

Ah, this song:

So, this is the new year:

Who could say no to this?

If you're not giving cool rocking dame Kerry Pastine anything for Christmas, she'll be off to celebrate New Year her own way:

Not folk, but a rawking song in Replacments-style:

Gorgeous song (those strings!) by Dutch bard A Balladeer:

We have too little hiphop on this blog. So, from 2017, here's this track:

Fay Lovsky wrote the one and only Dutch Christmas pop classic 'Christmas was a friend of mine', here she's together with Ocobar:

One of the bestest new new year's songs from last year:

The original version is by Scrawl, and brilliant, but this is fine cover:

We've all been there, Mal:

The Minus 5 (the fifth REM-member) also quotes Auld Lang Syne:

Short, minimal but cool cover of a track by The Zombies: