Monday, December 25, 2017

Mrs Claus

The first mention of a Mrs Santa Claus was back in 1849, the legend took shape. So writes Kate Horowitz in this nice article. I knew of various songs about Santa Claus' wife, but when I recently heard Mrs Claus Kimono by Drive-By Truckers (below, about a sinister elf with sinister plans while Santa's away) I thought of lining up a few good tracks for, by and about the Mrs. Some naughty, some nice.

This track by The Miss's is about being fooled into being Mrs Claus:

Posted this one earlier this month, a song about how Mrs Claus stays warm and happy while her husband's away (toys do the trick):

Dan Wilson comforts the one being lonely on Christmas Eve:

Portland, Oregon's Satin Chaps dance the rock'n roll with Mrs Claus:

Mrs Santa Claus is also the title of a great Nat King Cole song from waaaaay back:

Nathaniel souling it out for ya:
Another ode to the woman who sews the holes in Santa's suit:

This emo-rocking track is called Mrs Claus, and she apparently did something bad to the singer:

This is a good one, a take on Me & Mrs Jones:

Eggnog get all moral on the Mrs:

A weepy song about an Elf being in love with Mrs Claus:

A slowjam about all the naughty things Mrs Claus does:

Who needs Santa anyway?!

I love her voice (and Duover made a really nice Christmas album, here):

Santa's away? Mrs Claus puts on her bikini and throws a party!

And from this year, a budget-big band rocking tune:

A lovely, uptempo rock letter to Mrs Claus
Did I miss any good ones?


Evan said...

There's 'Mrs. Claus' by Little Jackie.

Anonymous said...

And, if only for the title, Mrs Clause has Menopause by The Sterilles.