Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Boxing Day Tracks

'Happy Hungover Boxing Day!', Leon from Gasoline Brother tweeted today, which sparked this post on songs about that post-Christmas feeling.
Here's that Gasoline Brothers song:

And there is of course this modern day classic:

From A Very Cherry Christmas #2,

Blink 182, not everyone's cup of tea I reckon, this is not bad at all:

'Christmas is here, you can't look away.' Emotional acoustic track, about 'it all coming down on Boxing day'.

This is a nice alt.country duet, I like the 'postal preaching' part:

Live version of a GORGEOUS song:

Some crooning by good ole Rod McKuen. About a happy ending on the day after Christmas. Love this.

Solid poprock track from a strong series of Christmas compilations:

Master at work:
And, last but not least, from an awesome Christmas EP called Boxing Day by French Films About Trains. I'd never heard of them before, but this sure is one hell of a nice Christmas song:


Lie In The Sound said...

Dark Horses also made a very nice Boxing Day track: