Sunday, December 17, 2017

X Ray Pop/Jean-Pierre Masseria

Did you hear CAGG's Oscar Smit's 80s electronic Xmas compilation? Want more of that oddness? When it comes to obscure, outthere music, UK label Finders Keepers is a name you can trust. They release anything between Iranian pop princess Googoosh, Czechoslovakian soundtracks and psychedelic stardust pop (by Jane Weaver, for instance). When it comes to Christmas, FK just put up two fantastically weird records on their Bandcamp page. X Ray Pop's X Mas Pop is, in their label's words, 'precariously bridging gaps between Fontaine, Robeiro, Sunforest, Cluster, ESG, Williams and Currie, The Plastics, Weekend, Stereolab and faithful generations of adventurous continental Walkmans, this group sends a 9v current from Elli and Jacno to Elly and Rikkert and, if at all possible, provides pop punks equivalent of Vera Chytilova’s Daisies". It's French, it's odd, it's great.

Also French, also weird, is Jean-Pierre Masseria's 'Bonne Année.' If you think The Beatles' Revolution #9 is an interesting experiment, listen to this:


Lie In The Sound said...

The X Ray Pop Compilation is amazing, especially the track "Le Noel Erotique".