Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sylvester songs (part 1)

Songs about Saint Sylvester's Day, New Year's Eve, Oudjaarsavond, the Seventh Day of Christmas ('Seven Geese A'Laying'), the day when the year turns. I asked for suggestions, you send me a bunch. Here's 15 suggestions (another 16 coming up later, to make it 31):
From this year, written on January 1st of this year, dream(-y)pop:

Same vein, from this year also, bit more indie, VERY nice song:

From 2017, very tender, lyrically a take on 'Last Christmas':

Power pop sensation Catholic Action released this in April, and revamped it for Christmas:

"It's New Year's Day, it's all the same, you're on parade, while I'm cleaning up". With bells, and fine girlie voices:

Cure-meets-Wire-guitars and Californian pop perfection:

Australian electronic greatness:

VERY VERY nice Americana-/folk song:

OK, this song could be about the end of summer too, but I just love to post a Cousteau track here:

Probably one of the bestest songs about New Year's Eve ever written:

This one should ALWAYS be in a list about this theme:

From the album 'Brand New Year', which has a title track, this is the closing track, called Another Brand New Year, by Americana-powerhouse Bottle Rockets:

LOVE this band, love this track:

GREAT modern day crooning:

And finally, from this year too, this great Elvis Costello-y track: