Friday, December 24, 2021

Socks for Christmas

It's the ultimate Christmas gift, so much that JD McPherson named his totally fantastic Christmas album after it. Socks. When Randolph's Leap added a song about getting socks for Xmas to their classic Christmas album, I decided to dig in some more. What are the bestest feet warmin' xmas choons?

Let's kick off with the blues by JD:
And this is that Randolph's Leap track (not only about socks, as Christmas Underground noted):
From a recent SNL episode, Paul Rudd singin' a funny song about Christmas socks
Croonin' about NOT wanting socks (see the video HERE):
Ramones-y punk, ho ho let's go:
Sweet, minimal lofi track from a couple of girls from Belfast: 'And every present then will be as good as gold/ When you've got no money and your feet are always cold'
Great Britpop (think The Crookes), harmony singing about Father Christmas and NOT wanting socks:
Very lofi, but piercing:
Nice retro doo-wop tune:
Not the tightest guitar player out there, but still a solid indie tune:
Ah yes, that unbreakable combo (great Randy Newman-ish song):
Ah yes, that other unbreakable combo!
Punk rock stormer about, yes, socks:
Ragged Flags, a Christmas music staple:
Oh joy, it's Jeremy Walker with an ode:
Why don't we sing along:

I'd love to see someone making a Best Christmas Stocking(s) Song playlist


vollyrocks said...

Sock it to me Santa! (the Lazy Cowgirls)

Guuzbourg said...

hahaha zet ik later erbij