Friday, December 24, 2021

Socks for Christmas

It's the ultimate Christmas gift, so much that JD McPherson named his totally fantastic Christmas album after it. Socks. When Randolph's Leap added a song about getting socks for Xmas to their classic Christmas album, I decided to dig in some more. What are the bestest feet warmin' xmas choons? Note: there is a back called X-Mas Socks, from France, but this punk band never wrote a Christmas song, let alone one about socks. Malheuresement.

Let's kick off with the blues by JD:
And this is that Randolph's Leap track (not only about socks, as Christmas Underground noted):
From a recent SNL episode, Paul Rudd singin' a funny song about Christmas socks
Croonin' about NOT wanting socks (see the video HERE):
Ramones-y punk, ho ho let's go:
Sweet, minimal lofi track from a couple of girls from Belfast: 'And every present then will be as good as gold/ When you've got no money and your feet are always cold'
Great Britpop (think The Crookes), harmony singing about Father Christmas and NOT wanting socks:
Very lofi, but piercing:
Nice retro doo-wop tune:
Not the tightest guitar player out there, but still a solid indie tune:
Ah yes, that unbreakable combo (great Randy Newman-ish song):
Ah yes, that other unbreakable combo!
Punk rock stormer about, yes, socks:
Ragged Flags, a Christmas music staple:
Oh joy, it's Jeremy Walker with an ode:
Why don't we sing along:
On a more philosophical tip, from 2023: But a fancy Advent word from me/Is just a pair of Christmas socks/For it seems to me the mystery/Will never fit into this box
Raw lo-fi punk. 'Everybody getting socks for Christmas!'
Louder? You want it louder? The title says it all
Polka along with this song about reindeer snowflake Christmas socks:
Dance to that great combo, socks & jocks
Mariah? It's Tori. There's just one thing she wants
Goddammit mum I'm going insane!
Buy me new Christmas socks and we'll be allright
Hillbilly country from Holland, they wanna wrap their genitals into, well, you guessed it
I'd love to see someone making a Best Christmas Stocking(s) Song playlist. Oh ok, I'll do it.


vollyrocks said...

Sock it to me Santa! (the Lazy Cowgirls)

Guuzbourg said...

hahaha zet ik later erbij