Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Short notes

- Every now and then I go over older posts, see if links still work, videos are still up. I found out dat John Patrick Elliott re-upped his fantastic folksy Christmas album from last year under the flag of his band The Little Unsaid. The original post on that album is HERE. Below, one of the great songs on that album:
-The Winona Project send me the link to his, well, shall we say 'kaleidoscopic' Christmas album, with some damn fine indie rock songs on it, like this one:
-'If Joanne, the dark-haired singer from Human League, had made a solo Christmas single, it could've sounded like this'. Is what I thought while listening to the song below. Thanks to Christmas Underground for pointing me in the direction of the ultra cool Fotoform:

-Penniless Punk send me this lovely video:
-Very fun upbeat Britpop Christmas single by 90s darlings Modesty Blaise (not a cover):
-I'm very fond of this sultry Christmas ballad:
This really great track, I'm stealing from Festive Fanzine:


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