Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Through the past, merrily (1)

More to celebrate 15 Years of Christmas a Go Go blog. I scanned through the past years, and bumped on a lot of 50s and 60s tracks, MySpace-links, mp3s on YouSendit (ah, those were the days), Japanese singles and indie classics like the St. Etienne xmas songs. It was a cool trip down memory lane. I selected 15 slighty underrated songs that are still great:
Wickedly sexy country rocking:
Cambodian funk version of the Drummer boy:
Released in 2002, on the blog in the first year (2006), still a great psych pop track:
Released in 2005, and more of Christmas-y song:
Sweet shuffle by Natalie:
Cool, sophisticated pop from Ivy:
Ah, The Crookes!
Dutch indie, not beating around the bush: