Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Through the past, merrily (2)

Second backtrack of songs posted in the past 15 years on this blog. Because, a lot of songs are just too good to be left behind. Let's kick off with a GORGEOUS sad song (hat tip to Christmas Underground):

Psych-rocking Xmas by Downdime:
These guys wrote A LOT of great Christmas songs, here's just one of 'm:
Very smart, gentle tune:
Just one of the great lofi indie songs by That Band from Holland (later known as The Non-Traditionals)
Discovered last year, this upbeat lo-fi R&B song:
We've had many glammed up Xmas tracks on this blog, this one shouldn't be forgotten:


Marqui said...

Great, these round-ups.
Lots of stuff indeed is way too good to be forgotten!