Wednesday, December 28, 2022

In between days (1)

In days between Christmas and the new year, we posted songs about December 26 (HERE) and especially about Boxing Day (HERE) and mega-posts about Sylvester tracks (HERE) or covers of 'This Will Be Our Year' (HERE). Anything really to defy this song:

Via Twitter I asked people for suggestions about great winter-y tracks, December songs, end-of-the-year laments. This is a selection of songs I found cool, beautiful and/or fitting. Keeping it folksy this time. More coming up:
This is such a gorgeous winter track, 'Winter was on us/At the end of my nose':
I'd never heard this track, but indeed, it's very wintery:
This Gordon Lightfoot track was covered a lot, according to CAGG-featured artist S. Lois, this is the best version:
Over to Scotland, with this track by The Waterboys:
From their album Songs from Northern Britain:


Jim said...

Only place I can find this song is Bandcamp (buy the whole great album!)