Friday, December 16, 2022

Past Masters

I was scanning through some old posts and playlists, and to restore lost links and find out what happened to songs that seem to have disappeared. Here are some tracks that I reacquainted with:

Gone from Spotify, but still available on Bandcamp, the two Christmas songs by Boca Chica. Both are great, this galloping twang-stomper is my fave:
Remember the enormous amount of Covid-themed Xmas songs we posted in 2020? One of the highlights was this friendly country-fied plea to celebrate Christmas in June, in the (relatively) safe sunshine. Joe Mitchell re-uploaded to Soundcloud when I asked him to:
Summer Camp (now defunct) were only mentioned a couple of times on the blog, because of their (strong) Last Christmas and Christmas Wrapping cover versions. This is also a cover, from the Home Alone soundtrack, and what A GORGEOUS SONG this is in this arrangements:
We already did a theme-post on synthesizers and Christmas (HERE), this one's for a Xmas piano post:
Loud, weird, psychedlic, this single by Viv Albertine from The Slits (2011):
One of those forgotten classics, I'd say (love that accent so much), what a killer song (from 2016)
Speaking of forgotten classics, how about this still shining, crooning star:
A cool, gentle (and F-bomb filled) revenge Christmas song by two sweet sounding girls (Sami & Meg, or Snop Dog?) from 2017 that was lost for many years, but I found it again on Spotify:
What a wonderful British tune this is. Dark, melancholy-filled:
Great punkified girl group-ish track


Jim said...

This post is what I come here for. You could make a mix from these songs right here. Thank you.