Sunday, December 04, 2022

Gerhardt, the Nightcomposer

I'm struggling here. I wanted to tell you about the first time I saw Gerhardt live, as part of the well-oiled country-funk machine that was Beans & Fatback. But I can't find the right comparison: a friendly, well-dressed Iggy Pop, does that make any sense? Videos on YouTube I found don't do justice to the presence of this man. See this, Gerhardt is behind the keys. Multiply his energy times five. You might get an idea.

Plus: it's not the proper image for Gerhardt (he tweets as 'The Nightcomposer') as an avid Christmas enthusiast (apart from the well-dressed part, maybe) and writer of cool pop-tinged seasonal songs.

Released today: this short, sweet, heartfelt ballad:

I dunno 'bout your heartstrings, but mine are tickled. I see old sappy 50s Christmas movies, I have an urge to wander around streets whilst snow crackles under my soles, I want this song to be longer, and I think it's long enough.

Take another Gerhardt song, based on the same theme, but with a Motown-ish bassline and bells, the bells:
Or take this romantic outpouring, more upbeat, with a Jolene-ish guitar rhythm:
Versatile, I can hear you say it. And by now, you're probably as thrilled as we are that Gerhardt is one of the fine, fine artists to display their serious seasonal talents on our first Christmas A Go Go Spectacular, in Paradiso Amsterdam, on December 20th. See you there?